Kamis, 04 April 2013

Prepared Motion of Galaction #7

  1. This House Would Allow Prisoners To Serve In the Military Mission In Exchange of Free From Imprisonment
  2. This House Believes That Expert Witnesses Should be Criminally Liable Due to Miscarriage of Justice
  3. This House Supports the Criminalization of the Political Leaders For Crimes Committed by Members
  1. This House Would Subsidize Documentary Films Criticizing Government Policies
  2. This House Would Ban Religious Institution/ Leader to Support Political Candidates In Media
  3. This House Would Ban Fast Food Companies to Show Their Products In Advertisement (e.g. Cigarette Advertisement)
  1. This House Would Force Politicians to Send Their Kids to Public School
  2. This House Regrets Tiger Parenting
  3. This House Would Require Children Consent for Their Parents’ Divorce

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