Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

My First Trophy

My debate competition just now was verry great, why? Because I got my first trophy in that competition. In the first step, We face MTA Surakarta B. I felt fear fist because their face is so competable. Me and my team prepare our case and felt worry. But, in that step, I got win with margin 7. We surprised because that margin is the biggest margin which I ever get. We felt the guarantee to go to semi final. Yeah.

Our happiness still we felt until we know that our next enemy is SMAN 8 YK A as the strongest team in Jogja. We felt worry about the winning. But we still effort to get the winning. In that step, when I delivered my rebuttal and my classing, in debate words, I have felt there's no hope to get winning. But in the decision, we got the winning with margin 1. We rather confidence to go to the semi final.

Ok, now, in the last prelime, we face SMAN 8 YK B. We didn't have the worry feeling when face them because we have got winning with SMAN 8 YK A. And in the competition, we got the winning with them and I felt very happy because automatically our team go to semi final. Yeah, it's my first semi final as long as I join in debate competition.

Finally, we become as the semi finalist. Yeah. It's the worry feeling because our enemy is SMAN 1 YK A as the one of the greatest team in Jogja. Me and my team did that semi final. First, we feel rather worry, but in the last, we feel we can go to the final. And I believe, our enemy is SMAN 9 YK B as the one of the strongest team in Jogja. And, it's done. We face them.

In the final round, we felt very hopeless to get win because the first reason is about our enemy and then about our motion. But, we believe that is Allah is the last decision maker. Oh, ya, before we start the debate, we always pray to Allah. And the final round feel so pressure for us. Yeah, is't the final, I must to the best. But, in the decision, we must acknowledge their power. So, we still thankful to Allah. Yeah. But, You must know, it's my first trophy, so, I am so happy.

Name    : Abiyyu Fathin Derian
Class    : 5 IPA 1
Number: 01

This paper was done to submit as my exam in art and culture to Mr. Juang. 

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